Tricounty News

Raelynn competes at State

By Holly Hansen, coach

Cross country is a sport that demands that you always give your best. Many of you may not truly understand what cross country is. Cross country is a distance-running sport. A girl's race is 4,000 meters long (2 and one half miles). It sounds a bit daunting, but with all of the effort that is poured into training and improving, there are great rewards. Cross country running is a team sport that allows for individual scoring and achievement as well. This means that at every meet, the individual and the team are scored. It also means that individuals can advance to the State meet without their teams.

Steve Prefontaine has said, "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift."

Raelynn Callander has never sacrificed her gift. She joined cross country in her seventh-grade year, and from the start, we knew she was destined for greatness. Not only is Raelynn an incredibly talented runner, but also a very driven individual. She poured everything she had into practice every day and has been a role model to her teammates for the past six seasons. She has won the team-nominated PRIDE award (Personal Responsibility In Daily Excellence). She was part of the conference champion team of 2008. She has made all conference honors three times in her career. Raelynn has always landed in the top of her races resulting in numerous ribbons, T-shirts, hats, medals, and even loaves of bread! Her hard work and determination continued to driver her and propel her to an individual state berth. Many miles, intense work-outs, and quiet strength of character have made Raelynn a fine student athlete, and a great representative for our school and community. Good job Raelynn!

In state competition she was 105th of 175 racers, 16:22 in the 4,000-meter (2 and one half miles) run.

Both coaches said that it's been a pleasure to coach her all these years.