Tricounty News

September 28 Update

By Mark Messman,


Building Project:

Construction at the secondary site continues as expected, and we've been working closely with our architect and construction manager to finalize decisions and selections on various materials. We plan to review a number of hardwood samples for the gymnasium floor, coordinate court lines, and select scoreboards and audio equipment. The gym roof will be completed on Friday, Sept. 28, and then workers will move to the lobby and office roof for completion. Exterior brick is going up on the office and main entrances, while interior stud walls and mechanical duct work are nearing completion. We plan to pour concrete in the four mechanical rooms located in each corner of the gym on Monday, and the court floor on Tuesday.

The performance stage is progressing as expected. The electricians are busy running conduit, and we plan to pour the stage floor on Monday, Oct. 1. Once completed, these beautiful facilities will provide our students and community with many opportunities for enjoyment.

Please stop in for a visit with your questions and comments, and be sure to exercise caution when you're in the proximity of the construction zone.

Kemps Give Em' 5:

The Kemps Give Em' 5 program is an opportunity to provide schools with additional funds that are typically used for field trips, activities, library books, and school supplies. This is a reminder that the program will be ending Nov. 1, 2012, and we'd appreciate your support. Please collect all of your milk carton caps and proofs of purchase, and then get them to the elementary school by Oct. 15, 2012. All of the money raised will help defer the cost of field trips and lyceums. Thank You!

Great Schools Begin at the Ballot Box:

This fall every state Senate and House seat is up for re-election. The legislators elected will determine education funding and policy that will impact our community and schools for the next two years. Be sure to attend campaign forums for Senate District 13 & 18, and House District 13A & 18A to see where the candidates stand on important educational issues.

Be informed... be engaged... Vote!

Senior of the Week:

The EV-W School District would like to recognize Kaylee Forcier, daughter of Jeff and Amanda Forcier. Kaylee demonstrates strong leadership skills and a positive work ethic in school and on the volleyball court; she is also a member of last year's state softball team. Kaylee is taking a full slate of College-in-the-Schools courses and actively involved in the National Honor Society. Also, a young lady well respected by peers and staff. Congratulations!

Quote of the Week:

"One of the most consistent findings about the change process in education is that all successful schools experience implementation dips as they move forward."

-Michael Fullan

Support Staff Recognition:

It was a privilege to attend the 2nd Annual Support Staff Recognition Banquet sponsored by Resource Training and Solutions on Sept. 26. Once again, I'd like to commend the EV-W recipients Jeanne Geislinger, Vicki Meyer, and Gwen Asfeld for their representation of quality educational support and assistance in the EV-W School District. This annual banquet also provides us with the opportunity to recognize all of our bus drivers, custodians and buildings/grounds, cooks, educational and media/technology support staff, and clerical support for their commitment and dedicated service to the students and staff of EV-W. Thank You!