Tricounty News

Making dreams come true

Hilltop Health Care Center is excited to announce that they have been approved for a grant from the Department of Human Services to improve the quality of life for residents. The grant will allow Hilltop Health Care Center to improve the dining experience for residents and to allow residents to have their dreams come true. The grant to make dreams come true is similar to "Make a Wish" for children. The difference is the Dream Program is for the elderly.

Hilltop Health Care Center is going to improve the dining experience by adding a breakfast bar in the morning for residents to access when they wake up and extending breakfast times. It will also include having menus available for families, community members, and residents to order from at mealtimes.

In regards to making dreams come true, Hilltop Health Care Center has teamed up with an organization called Second Wind Dreams®. Second Wind Dreams® is a non-profit organization whose mission is: through the fulfillment of dreams and the offering of innovative educational opportunities to caregivers and communities, SWD seeks to change the perception and experience of aging, empowering elders to age with dignity, hope and joy. The program begins by collecting dreams by asking families and residents what the resident's dreams are. Once dreams are collected, the Dream Team at Hilltop Health Care Center will start making dreams come true.

There is no limit to the dreams. The dreams can be anything from a romantic dinner with a spouse to going to the casino to riding in a combine. Through volunteers, creativity, family involvement, and staff involvement, Hilltop Health Care Center is going to attempt to make every dream become a reality. Often depression sets in as people age and lose some of their physical and mental abilities. It is anticipated that residents' symptoms of depression will decrease and their quality of life will improve as dreams are achieved and their dining experience is improved.

As part of the grant, Hilltop Health Care Center will involve an integrative team of families, community members, and staff. Everybody is welcome to being a part of the Dream Team. The benefits to volunteering include: stress reduction, decreasing depression, make a person feel healthier, increases a person's life span, connecting with others, and leaving a legacy. If you are interested in assisting with the program, please contact Annette Schroeder or Melissa Fischer, Hilltop Health Care Center at (320) 764-2300. Hilltop Health Care Center looks forward to working with families, community members, and staff to make dreams come true!