Tricounty News

Farewell to 'the hands'

A mural of disembodied hands painting on the wall went up on the south side of the laundromat building 20 years ago this summer. As some may have noticed, it is no more.

Mark and Cindy Erickson purchased the building and business nearly a year ago, and they have been working to fix up the place ever since. Now that the interior is finished (new machines, a functional bathroom, and a security system), work is being done on the exterior.

The brick wall itself was crumbling in several places, under the mural, and had weathered and discolored in other places.

Monday afternoon most of the mural was painted over in light-blue paint. Overnight, someone decided to use that fresh "canvas" for an exhibition of free speech (spray-painting an obscenity), but it was painted over by mid-morning and police are investigating the incident.

The Ericksons are repairing the brick and mortar in the wall, are painting over it all with blue, and they have plans to place (and rent) small billboards on the wall.

It will certainly be a change to the 20-year-old landmark in Kimball. Many welcome it. Some may be saddened by its loss. But nearly everyone will notice the difference.

Watch next week for a story of how the "hands" mural came to be, and for an updated picture of the wall.