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Fashion Safari!

The Meeker County 4-H Fashion Review was held Tuesday, July 17, at Zion Lutheran Church in Litchfield. The Fashion Review Committee helped to plan this event. This year's theme was "Fashion Safari".

The judging process allows 4-H'ers the opportunity to:

• Build self-confidence and pose by developing an understanding of "self" which aids in the selection and making of clothing that is becoming and expressive of one's personality.

• Develop skills in planning, selecting, and making becoming clothing for different occasions.

• Select suitable and becoming accessories and model with confidence a garment made to meet one's wardrobe needs.

• Develop good posture and grooming habits.

• Acquire knowledge and skills in planning, presenting, and participating in Fashion Review.

• Practice leadership skills and roles, take part in community affairs, and demonstrate citizenship responsibility.

• Explore career, job, and productive leisure opportunities.

• Develop skills, knowledge, and attitudes for lifelong use.

Results include:

Purchased garment:

Grades 3-5 Champion-Justine Miller, Reserve Champion-Adrienne Lipinski

Grades 6-8 Champion-Matt Krumrie, Reserve Champion-Abbey Schiefelbein

Grades 9-12 Champion-Jade Kutzke, Reserve Champion-Nicole Krumrie

Constructed garment:

Grades 3-5 Champion-Adrienne Lipinski, Reserve Champion-Daniel Williamson

Grades 6-8 Champion-Kaitlyn Truenow, Reserve Champion-Trinity Erickson

Grades 9-12 Chanpion-Tori Barka, Reserve Champion-Taylor Baumann


* Great Hulterstrum-Constructed

* Madelyn Hunt-Constructed

* Brookelyn Kuechle-Constructed

* Ellie Kuechle-Constructed

* Greta Lemke-Constructed

* Abigail Truenow-Constructed

* Bailey Day-Purchased

* Jordyn Donnay-Purchased

* Madelyn Hunt-Purchased

* Brookelyn Kuechle-Purchased

* Ellie Kuechle-Purchased

* Mikayla Roberg-Purchased

* Kendalyn Schimidt-Purchased

* Abigail Truenow-Purchased

Named to the 2012 Court Of Honor:

* Matt Krumrie-Purchased

* Abbey Schiefelbein-Purchased

* Maicy Vossen-Purchased

* Jade Kutzke-Purchased

* Nicole Krumrie-Purchased

* Nicole Knickerbocker-Purchased

* Kaitlyn Truenow-Constructed

* Trinity Erickson-Constructed

* Jane Hulterstrum-Constructed

State Fair Line Up (5 Trips Awarded):

1. Jade Kutzke-Purchased

2. Matt Krumrie-Purchased

3. Abbey Schiefelbein-Purchased

4. Maicy Vossen-Purchased

5. Kaitlyn Truenow-Constructed

6. Nicole Krumrie-Purchased

7. Tori Barka-Constructed

8. Jane Hulterstrum-Constructed

9. Kayla Kutzke-Purchased

10. Taylor Baumann-Constructed

For more information on how to become involved in Fashion Review or 4-H, please call the Meeker County Extension Office at (320) 693-5275, toll-free (877) 993-5275, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or visit our website at