Kimball Days winners

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Little Miss Kimball

Madelyn Hunt was crowned Friday night, Aug. 10 at the

7:30 p.m. coronation as the new Little Miss Kimball. The new princesses are Natalee Kunkel and Katie Decknatel.

Pedal tractor pull results

Friday, Aug. 10, 53 kids competed in the Kimball Days pedal tractor pull.

The following are the results with first, second, and third places in the age groups as they competed.

4 years old

1 Trent Herges, St. Cloud

2 Dana Miller, Watkins

3 Jack Shoutz, Forest City

5 years old

1 Nick Olson, South Haven

2 Jordyn Theis, South Haven

3 Gracee Johnston, Merrifield

6 years old

1 Isaak Miller, Watkins

2 Elena Bowen, Kimball

3 Ally Shoutz, Forest City

7 years old

1 Logan Kuseske, Kimball

2 Brent Kelm, Eden Valley

3 Haden Rosenow, Watkins

8 years old

1 Ashton Hana-Kimball

2 Carter Holtz-South Haven

3 Blake Herges-St. Cloud

9 years old

1 Jack Knaus, Kimball

2 Zack Holtz, South Haven

3 Jake Spaulding, Kimball

10 years old

1 Brandon Kelm, Eden Valley

2 Tucker Schultz, Watkins

3 Jaylah Umana, Watkins

11 years old

1 Michael Donnay, Kimball

2 Carl Blanchard, Kimball

3 Andy Hengel, Kimball

Kimball Lions 5K results

Ages 14 and under

1 Anna Donnay-26.19

2 Josh Donnay-27.36

3 Ariel Laabs-32.30

Ages 15-18

1 Maria Donnay-28.48

Ages 19-30

1 Kristin VanNurden-27.21

2 Lindsay Wurm-28.21

3 Kari Schaefer-29.20

Ages 31-40

1 Katie Serbus-27.39

2 Jon Albert-29.49

3 Heidi Klein-29.53

Ages 41-50

1 Christine Nehring-24.37

2 Sue Maus-26.31

3 Kathleen Albert-29.48

Ages 51-64

1 Cindi Stelten-38.53

2 Viki Knaus-38.54

3 Tammy Konz-48.55

Ages 65+

1 Mary Jo Hirdler-48.10

2 Carlene Jerpseth-53.19

3 Diane Garvin-53.21

Saturday kids' events

Winners of Kimball Days contests at St. Anne's Church Saturday, Aug. 11.

Watermelon eating contest (sponsored by Gohmann's Foods)

Ages 4-6, Nick

Ages 7-9, Kelly

Ages 10-12, Tazara

Mixed Group, Josh

Hula Hoop contest

(sponsored by Aqua Lanes)

Ages 4-6, Lydia

Ages 7-9, Anna

Ages 10-12, Megan

Ages 13 and up, Jen

Lip-Sync contest (sponsored by Kuechle Underground)

First place, Cailyn Kuechle

Second place, Kyleigh Eisenbraun

Third place, Ellie Kuechle, Brooklyn Kuechle, and Hallie Arnold

Sunday parade float contest

The winner of the float contest in Sunday's Grande Day parade is the Watkins-Kimball Veterinary Clinic. Their float consisted of a livestock crate with Dr. Carl Larson inside with a cardboard cow. Many times during the parade, Dr. Larson reached into the, ahem, back of the cow with his up-to-the-shoulder insemination glove on, and retrieved a handful of candy to throw out to parade-watchers.

Adopt-A-Pot has winners

The Kimball Area Chamber announced the winners of the "Adopt-A-Pot." The pots were judged Thursday, Aug. 9, by two master gardeners from the Stearns

County Extension Office. The winners are as follows: Third place went to Brenda Maus, second place went to Gina Libbesmeier, and first place went to Audrey White. The Chamber would like to thank everyone who adopted a pot, planted it, watered it, etc.