Tricounty News

Anticipating a great year!

It seems like the summer just flew past, didn't it? I don't remember so many beautiful summer days all in one season. The cool nights, though, mean only one thing: the start of school is just around the corner.

It's always an exciting time. I've always loved school, so I guess it's natural that the weeks and days before the start of school make me happy. (Now that I'm a parent, there's yet another reason.)

This year, we have even more to be excited about: covering two school districts with all their students, activities, and sports.

I'll admit that there's a little concern mixed with excitement. How best can we help readers find which school or team they want to read about? How do we take on that extra work without losing sleep? How do we maintain our high quality standards while stretching a little thinner?

I'm still mulling over the details, and we'll probably experiment a bit before we find what works. What I know, though, is that we'll make it work.

With that said, welcome to our newest adventure! Please let us know if there's something you particularly like with the "new-and-improved" Tri-County News. (If we don't hear from you, we'll just do what we think is best.)

Meanwhile, we're developing our totally new website. The basic site will do what our award-winning site does now: searches, archives, photos, calendar, and advertising. Our new site has some exciting features to add: a much more effective calendar, a Tri-County News app for your smartphone or tablet, and much more flexibility in setting up how stories and photos appear on the site. Lots more photos with stories. More interactivity for readers. More power under the hood. Our advertisers make it possible for it all to be free to you, the reader.

Our newspaper readership has soared this summer, with hundreds of new subscriptions. I'm excited to see what our website readership does, too.

Change is good. Bring it on!