Mark Messman, Superintendent, Eden Valley-Watkins Schools - August 10 Update

Published on Wednesday, 30 November -0001 00:00
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Building Project:

The construction project continues and is progressing as expected, with the exception that we've experienced a delay in the delivery of some materials. Work continues on the parking lot at the Watkins site while sidewalks and curb are completed. The casework and cabinetry have been installed, and the terrazzo flooring is finally finished. Contractors are installing the grids and ceiling tile at the Eden Valley site, and waiting for the concrete to cure prior to installing the VCT tile and carpeting. The freezers, kitchen equipment, and serving lines will be installed next week. The masons continue to erect the walls for the lobby, bathrooms, and office at the secondary site. You may have even noticed that some of our sidewalks are getting poured.

A number of residents have stopped in to share their excitement for the project and take a tour of the progress. Be sure to use door numbers 11 and 12 when entering the secondary site. The South and West side of the building is considered a construction zone. Please give me a call if you'd like to talk about our project or set up a tour.

MCA Results:

I recently had the opportunity to review MCA data with Sharon Borgert, our Curriculum Director. We're extremely proud of our students, staff, and the support we receive from our parents and volunteers. As a result of this ongoing support and commitment to education, our results continue to reflect high levels of student achievement. In summary:

• EVW district proficiency math scores were 13.1 percent higher than state

• EVW district proficiency reading scores were 3.6 percent higher than state

• Reading scores in 3 of 7 grade levels surpassed 2011 scores

• Math scores in 6 of 7 grade levels surpassed 2011 scores

• Significant gains in grade 6 reading of +13.8 percent proficiency over state

• Significant gains in grade 5 math of +23 percent proficiency over state

• Significant gains in grade 6 math of +26.7 percent proficiency over state

• Significant gains in grade 11 math of +31 percent proficiency over state


Our transportation department continues to work on arrival and departure times while establishing their routes for the 2012-13 school year. You should be receiving notification in the near future.

Be sure to contact the building principals (453-2900) if you're new to our district or have questions about enrolling in the EV-W school system.

"Completing one another is more important than competing with one another."-John Maxwell

Weekly Schedule for August 13-17, 2012

• Monday-AM @ Cabinet Meeting PM @ School Board

• Tuesday-AM @ School PM @ School

• Wednesday-AM @ School PM @ School

• Thursday-AM @ Elem. Construction PM @ Secondary Construction

• Friday-AM @ Sc