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Top reasons life is not the Olympics

• There are no breaks for commercials.

• No one is there to edit out the boring parts.

• We don't have billions of people intently watching our every move, word, cough, and adjustment - in high-definition close-up

• There usually aren't cheering fans for what we do each day.

• You can't skip over the boring parts, or change the channel to something more interesting.

• For most of us, our entire life's success or failure is not determined in a single, brief competition.

• We all have bad days. Most of us get a do-over of some kind.

• Most of us will never experience being booed, especially by thousands or millions of strangers.

• Few of us have a coach, much less a team of coaches.

• Very few things in life require the focus and dedication of Olympic athletes.

• When we're tired of it all, we can just turn it off.

• Most people would be totally frazzled by the schedule of four years of hard work culminating in a few moments during two weeks.

• Few of us will ever be in a position to be personally responsible for letting down an entire nation.

Thank goodness for all these reasons!