Talking points from the Mayor

Published on Wednesday, 30 November -0001 00:00
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By Pete Korman,

Eden Valley Mayor

The reconstruction of Main Street in Eden Valley has finally been voted on and approved by the council. After hearing from some citizens on their choice for the hill going north, the council chose the plan with parking on both sides of the street. They felt that if we were going to do it, let's look to the future and do it the correct and best way. The council also added a portion of Cossairt Avenue East to project. This is the street leading to the new main entrance of the school and gymnasium. Half of this street will be rebuilt as part of the reconstruction project at the school, so the council decided to rebuild the first portion coming directly off Main Street. The City and the school have worked out a plan to reroute the sewer main that is running in front of the school. It will now be run west along Central Avenue to Main Street then north to connect with another main on Meeker/Stearns Avenue. The funding for this part of the project has been set aside from the school project. This will happen next year when we do the Main Street project. The engineers have started the design of Main Street, and we see all the survey flags and markings along the street. The goal is to have it designed and be let out to bid over the winter, so construction can start in the spring.

The council has instructed the clerk's office to send out letters and contact all the Main Street business and citizens with the intent of forming a group to work with our engineers on different aspects of the Main Street design. Things, such as possible upgrades to lights and lighting, trees, landscaping, and the process of construction and how it is going to affect our businesses, Valley Daze, etc. It will be a challenging summer in 2013, so we need to plan accordingly.

It is nice to see the school construction project moving along. I have been taking photographs every week at the three construction sites for the intent of recording these projects for Eden Valley's history. I will also be taking pictures of Main Street before and during reconstruction for our archives. We have a large selection of pictures of Main Street at different decades and years throughout our history. I have always enjoyed shooting pictures and I think it is important to record our progress and changes for the coming generations.

The business group that is constructing the new motel gave us an update. They hope to begin construction very shortly, and hope to be open in 3-4 months. This is a privately owned motel on high-

way 55 next to the medical office and liquor warehouse. It will be a 13-room motel with a 24-hour automated reservation/check-in system. Everything can be done online or over the phone. It is a new and revolutionary concept in the motel business. I commend the owners for taking a risk in developing this new venture in Eden Valley. I think they are going to do well.

Our outdoor Hairball concert was a success and ran quite smoothly. We had about 1,500 peo-

ple in attendance and everyone seemed to have a good time. It was beastly hot setting up for the event, but the evening turned out to be very beautiful and comfortable. A lot of people commented on how well it was set up, the access to it, and the grounds on which we hosted it. We are still getting some comments a month later. We raised about $10,000 for our event center/library. It was an immense amount of work! I would like to thank all who helped and volunteered the time, equipment, effort to a successful event! There is interest in putting on a "Music in the Valley" event again next year, and some people are already in the planning stages and doing research.

For now, these are my talking points...