Again & Again Thrift store now open

Published on Wednesday, 30 November -0001 00:00
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By Misty Aho, Intern

The Dassel community is home to a new store. Again and Again is a new thrift store that has had their grand opening June 28 and 29.

This new thrift store is a non-profit organization in which the proceeds go to people with mental disabilities.

"We loved the idea of hosting it the same weekend as when the other craft and gift stores are open," said Holly Geislinger, the store manager. "They draw in such a large crowd to Dassel and we are hoping a few will stop in and check out our store and what we have to offer."

The day of the opening, the store planned to have free coffee, and treats provided by their main site employees and clients at ProWorks. There were also drawings for special coupons, along with free stuffed animals for kids, and a raffle.

Donations have come in generously from people throughout the area. "Some even have come from the Metro-area on their way to their vacations and cabins," Geislinger said. Even people moving have brought in donations as they travel out of town.

Again and Again asks for any donations from athletic shoes to zebra printed candles. Furniture has to be donated by approval only, but small appliances and decorative items are welcome. Geislinger said, "Anyone can donate, whether they are young or old, if their cleaning out a toy box or a garage, just bring your items in!"

Donating items can give you a sense of community service. Giving up your things that you no longer use, in order that other people may use them is an easy way to reduce, reuse and recycle. Along with that, when people donate items, they are providing more money for the mentally disabled.

Again and Again has a mutual goal to provide and improve training and rehabilitation services to people with developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, and mental illness. The proceeds made will be sent to facilities and places that can use the money for those purposes.

"My staff is totally awesome," said Geislinger. "Abby Ertl is so hard working and with whom I enjoy working with! And Audrey Oster helped create the store, she has put in long hours and manpower time, too. I could not have done this without her," Geslinger continued. The support of the main office employees at ProWorks and the Dassel site have given great support and help to the store as well.

The workers would like to thank the Dassel community for accepting them with open hearts. Geislinger said, "We get so many great compliments and words of encouragement from the locals that we are so grateful for all of them!"