Tricounty News

Thanks from Mary Ann Edwards

Over the past school year our family hosted Mary, an exchange student from Germany. I would like to thank those in the community that helped make her feel welcome in our area.

Thank you to the classmates that became friends, to our priest and the teachers who gave the extra attention to make her more comfortable, to my husband, children and siblings, and Grandma Sal and Grandpa Neil who made her part of the family for almost a year. It is hard to be the new person in an area, so I encourage everyone to remember to reach out to someone new, to make them feel welcome, they will appreciate your kindness.

Above all, I want to thank Karla Knaus Ehlinger, as a volunteer with the Youth For Understanding program; she went well above and beyond on working with us and Mary to help us make it a better experience. She took time away from her own busy life to take the exchange students on weekend trips, shopping, spent personal one-on-one time with them, which was very helpful, as work had gotten busy, and our home time was limited. She took the time to make sure all of the exchange students in her area would have great experiences to remember, and she is truly a wonderful and understanding person.

Mary Ann Edwards