Tricounty News

Eden Valley woman re-homes dogs

By Julie Bulau, Staff writer

Re-homing dogs from across Minnesota is a mission for a rural Eden Valley woman who runs a nonprofit dog rescue from her home.

Lynn Parr rescues dogs from death row, provides emergency foster care, and arranges for adoptions. Her goal is to do what's best for the dogs and the families.

"Unlike other rescues, I am in it to help dogs and families," Parr said. "It is hard to re-home a pet. I have had to do it myself, so when I started my rescue, I wanted to make sure I was also helping people in need."

Parr fostered for Midwest Animal Rescue (MARS), Brooklyn Park, for several years. She realized, however, there was nothing in her own county, not even a Humane Society, and decided to start a nonprofit rescue.

Thus far, it has been a successful mission. Her requirements include inspecting homes of potential adopters, and attaining vet and personal references.

"Most importantly, I try to match the right dog to the right home," Parr said. "Thus far, I am happy to say I have never had a dog returned to my rescue that was re-homed."

The Eden Valley woman also does emergency foster care for families in need. She currently is caring for a puppy mill Welsh Corgi in need of some socialization whose owner/mom is experiencing some medical problems.

"I would much rather keep a dog with the family that loves them if possible," Parr said. "She needed some time without her dog and the dog needed help (confidence-building, spending time with other dogs) so I was able to help."

Parr does the emergency foster care free of charge. The adoption fees, meanwhile, basically cover the vet fees. "I pay for everything else out of pocket," she said.

Parr's goal is a fast turn around. She doesn't like to see dogs in foster care for months. "I try to get them in a forever home as soon as possible," she said. "It helps that I have people call me and let me know what they are looking for, so I usually have people waiting for dogs."