Tricounty News

Properties sell at tax-forfeited auction

Unsold lots now available for purchase

Stearns County sold $1.3 million worth of property at its tax-forfeited property auction Monday night, June 18. There were

212 parcels for sale in the auction; of those, 68 lots sold.

Randy Schreifels, Stearns County Auditor-Treasurer, called the auction successful. "These are pretty good numbers. My goal was to sell 50 or more parcels and we rose above that," said Schreifels. "Now we have money to give to jurisdictions to pay their special assessments, to cover administration costs and we can get these properties back on the tax rolls."

Lots that did not sell at Monday's auction are now up for sale and can be purchased at any time. A list of unsold properties can be found on the County web site at Along with the property listing, the web site has detailed information about the parcel, including the minimum sale price, maps, aerial views and photos. For details on special assessments, building entitlements, etc. view the "Full Report" for the particular parcel of interest.

The price of the properties is the minimum bid amount on the parcel; sale price is not negotiable. Prices cannot change unless a parcel is re-appraised, advertised and offered again at a public auction. Anyone interested in an unsold parcel can contact the Auditor-Treasurer's Office at (320) 656-3904.