Tricounty News

Jacks is up and running

By Misty Aho, Intern

Jacks of Watkins is finally open, and all anyone can say is, "Wow!" As vehicles have driven by in the past few days, bits and pieces of Jacks have changed from the outside. Although, upon opening the door it is like a whole new world has come to Watkins.

After days of confusion and frustration with technical difficulties, the open sign has come out of hiding. Friday, June 22, was supposed to be the first day of many. However, that all changed when the pumps and credit cards would not budge. Later, after three days of fixing glitches, everything is all up and running.

Pumps facing in the new direction have proven to be efficient with the flow of traffic. The 'No Parking' signs have failed to succeed, so far. Jacks owners and employees ask to not park in front of the store, the area is marked off with paint. When customers park in these spots it can jam up the people getting gasoline into a bad situation and they may not know where to go.

The south end stucco, rock-type wall, is yet to be put up this week to finish off the remodel.

New products, new shelving, new everything has flooded the store. Customers seem to enjoy all of the new varieties Jacks has to offer. The best seller at Jacks is their new f'real® machine; it makes a milkshake or smoothie within seconds. The added unisex restrooms have helped in the times of rush, too, and many are grateful. There are many puzzled faces when they realize that it is not the Jacks they once knew, but reactions of excitement fill the entrance and customers can hardly contain themselves.

Jacks now has a Facebook® page that anyone can "like" for updates and many pictures from the remodel; their page is named "Jacks of Watkins." The owners of Jacks encourage everyone to stop in and check out the store.

A special thank-you to everyone who has waited to see the new store! The owners of Jacks would also like to thank each person who has helped out with the remodel including: Kramer Electric, Voss Plumbing and Heating, Steve and Eric Kummet, Weststar Curb, Charley May and Son's, Pump and Meter, B&H Canopy, Lutgen Refrigeration, Farner Bocken, Hot Stuff, Alex Glass and Door, Tom's Carpet, Dave Breeze, Mike Becker, Ron's Excavating, Jim Wimin, and all the Jacks staff.