Tricounty News

Eden Valley Talking Points

from Mayor Pete Korman of Eden Valley

We held a public Information open house on the proposed Main Street project on April 25 and it was well attended. Councilman Dan Thielen and I attended the Assumption Church parish council meeting and presented the general information to them, as they are one of the larger land owners on the project. The general impression I get is that most everyone agrees that Main Street needs to be fixed (especially the railroad crossing). They are willing to participate; but, if we are going to do it, do it the correct way. I also understand that they are concerned about their assessments, and no one likes to pay more; but I think they realize that this opportunity only comes along once every 50 years, and maybe we need to take advantage of the opportunity of the cost-share with MnDOT.

We held a public hearing at the May council meeting and there were some concerned citizens in attendance. Most of those were residents on the hill going north and they expressed their choice of how they think that part of the project should be done. The council could not take a vote on the project because of an error in getting the information to the local paper and because we were not receiving the local paper at the time. That means that the legal notice did not get published as it is supposed to, and the city is required to do that so we can do business. We were required to keep the public hearing open until the next council meeting (June 6) and continue it at that time. This will give the city the time to publish it correctly, and then we can close the hearing and possibly take a vote at that time.

Because we don't know what is going on with our local paper, the council voted to verbally adopt the Tri-County News as our official paper for publishing our legal notices. Eden Valley residents are welcome to attend the continuation of the public hearing June 6 and voice their ideas and concerns about this proposed project. We will have our city engineers there to give a brief summary of the project and answer any questions from the residents.

The school construction projects have started with the elementary school portions starting first in both Eden Valley and Watkins, and they are well on there way. The high school gymnasium portion of the project will start this week. We are still working with the school on the rerouting of a main sewer line around the gymnasium. The council is adamant about not building over the sewer as this will only bring a host of problems in the years to come.

The healthy communities group is very busy with the preparations for the "Hairball" concert outdoors at the elementary school on June 9. As a co-head of the Hairball committee with Chief Ernie Junker, I have come to see what a huge undertaking this is, and the amount of preparation going into it is astounding. We have a good group and we are committed to holding an entertaining, and successful, and safe fundraising event. (Proceeds will go to the library/event center.)

For now these are my talking points...

Pete Korman

Mayor of Eden Valley