Tricounty News

Mock Crash exercise at Eden Valley-Watkins April 26, 2012

A number of emergency services providers combined their efforts in a training and educational exercise last week in Eden Valley. A staged car crash provided emergency personnel with practice (triage, caring for the injured, extrication from a vehicle, berieved/angry family members, and more. It also provided a visible lesson to students in what can happen when a teen driver is impaired or distracted. Agencies involved were. Brutger Auto, Eden Valley Fire & Rescue, Chain of Lakes Fire Department, Watkins Ambulance, Paynesville Ambulance, Eden Valley Police Department, Meeker County Sheriff's Department, Life Link, Ertl Funeral Home, Williams-Dingmann Funeral Home, and Eden Valley-Watkins Schools. Several students acted as "victims" during the hour-long exercise.