Tricounty News

Prom set for May 12

On Saturday May 12, you will notice an increase in limo traffic at the corner of Highways 15 and 55. You may also notice a constant stream of glamorous beauties streaming from Diva's door, and a bevy of James Bond-lookalikes carrying flowers from Chickadee Tree. It's the night of gallant lords and lovely ladies, the 2012 KAHS Prom.

This year, Prom will be held in the Wirth Gymnasium, which prom committee volunteers are transforming into an "Enchanted Atlantis" under the advisement of Judy Dahle and Melissa Zoffka. Students will be working hard over this next week putting final touches on a magical underwater world.

The junior class contracted popular DJs, The Undertakers, to provide music and entertainment for the dance. Along with a dance party video show, The Undertakers provide a live-on-the-big-screen view of Grand March.

Professional photography is provided by Images by Marguerite and will commence in the Cafetorium at 6 p.m. Photo opportunities for friends and families will be available during Grand March.

This year, there will be a $1 admittance charge for spectators for Grand March, with the proceeds donated to cover the costs of the prom. Grand March begins at 7 p.m.

If you would like to contribute to this year's prom, there are three ways to do so. First, the prom committee invites donations for door prizes. Second, cash donations are always welcome and cover all costs of prom, from decorations to door prizes. Finally, your donation of time to help with final preparations would be much appreciated. If you are able to contribute, or have inquiries about this year's prom, please contact prom advisors Judy Dahle at (763) 350-0213, or Melissa Zoffka at (320) 217-4663.