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Transitions at the State Bank of Kimball

It may not seem the same there, without Jane Pickle's smiling face and bubbling personality. But she decided that the time had come for her to retire. After all, she's worked at the State Bank of Kimball since 1960, 52 years ago.

The bank held a retirement celebration dinner for Jane Sunday afternoon, April 29, at Generations Ballroom in Kimball. About 600 bank customers reserved a spot for the dinner that lasted nearly four hours.

Come Monday morning, when she'd normally be dressing in black for "morbid Monday," Jane will sleep a little later, and enjoy a cup of coffee before she gets going. She says she's not a morning person, so this will be a well-earned treat.

One thing is for sure: her bank "family" (both coworkers and customers) will miss Jane every day.

Jane's cashier duties will be split between two other employees.

The State Bank of Kimball also announces that TyLynn Theis and Thomas Ehlinger will join the bank's Board of Directors.