Tricounty News

A day at SCSU

By Abbey Straley

On Tuesday, April 24, the Kimball Area High School eighth-grade Technology class went to St. Cloud State University to participate in a TEEMS (Technology Engineering Environmental Mathematic Science) challenge event. They had the opportunity to participate in six events: airplane glider building, catapult, tower and windmill building, trebuchet launches, and bridge design. They competed against 10 teams from six different schools.

The eighth graders managed to place in three out of the six events. Placing first in the paper airplane, with only one large sheet of paper, one foot of tape, and a scissors, they managed to fly a distance of 25 feet. The engineers of the plane were Ariel Laabs, John Zipoy, Madi Libbesmeier, Jarod Olson, and Becky Holtz. The other eighth-grade team took first in the catapult, with only two paint-mixing sticks, four rubber bands, three popsicle sticks, one foot of duct tape, a ping pong ball, a bottle cap, and a spoon. The engineers of the catapult were: Jake Borman, Cole Czech, Jacob Angier, and Sawyer Mies.

Before the TEEMS event, the Kimball teams made bridges out of hot glue and popsicle sticks. During the event, the bridges were tested to see how much weight they could hold. One bridge held 87.5 pounds while the other held 96.5 pounds to take third place overall. Great job, Kimball eighth graders!