Tricounty News

Meeker Cooperative holds 77th annual meeting

A total of 946 members and guests joined Meeker Co-op for a catered meatball and cheesy potatoes dinner Monday, April 16, to celebrate Meeker's 77th annual meeting. Following dinner, members had the opportunity to play Bingo and to attend a presentation given by Three Rivers Park District regarding the reintroduction of ospreys into our service territory. Meeker Cooperative linemen have been instrumental in this endeavor, building nesting platforms and aiding Three Rivers personnel with banding osprey chicks.

In the "Co-op Kids" area, children watched a safety demonstration, listened to linemen Lynn Hanson and Pete Wyffels talk about safety, and completed safety activity sheets. Every child that participated in the safety education received a coupon for a free 12-ounce blizzard donated by the Dairy Queen Corporation.

During the business meeting, CEO/General Manager Tim Mergen spoke about the major summer storms of July 1, and Aug. 1, 2011. Mergen also gave a comprehensive photo presentation regarding other causes of outages that Meeker Co-op linemen encounter. It's not only storms that cause outages, he said. Sometimes it can be trees, grass fires, vehicle or farm machinery accidents, erosion, animals such as squirrels, gophers and even beavers, dirt and moisture, vandalism, building moves, water, and even airplanes.

"Our Power Quality Program that we started 14 years ago has greatly reduced outages, along with quicker restoration of power should an outage occur," he said. In closing, Mergen stated "we know that when you turn your switch on, you expect the electricity to be there. You as a member do not want to worry about it. That is our job, to make sure you have safe and reliable electricity when you want it and need it. I want you to know we as the employees and board of directors at Meeker Co-op are committed to doing that every day and night, regardless of the number of gophers, squirrels and beavers there are out there."

Members were given reports on the Co-op's finances, it's Operation Round Up- program, the Co-op 101 member education program and the activities of the 2012 nominating committee. During the business meeting, voting ballots were counted and three directors were elected to the Board of Directors: Kevin Issendorf of Litchfield defeated incumbent DeWayne Albright of Litchfield in District 4, while incumbents Bruce Krueger of Hutchinson (District 7) and Karl Lundin of Litchfield (District 9) were re-elected. All three men will serve three-year terms on the board.