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Kimball Kruisers 4-H Club

No one was bored at the Kimball Kruisers 4-H club meeting Sunday, Jan. 8. We played board games from 4:30 to 6. There were lots of fun games. Some of the games were Apples to Apples, Pass the Pigs and lots more. During our meeting we approved a new T-shirt design. Watch for our black styling T-shirts. Lots of members are planning a 4-H skit. We decided to do 4-Hers of the Caribbean. There were project talks done by Cailyn and Brooklyn Kuechle, Kari and Zack Schiefelbein, Rebecca Binsfeld, Katilyn, Madi, and Abby Truenow. Cailyn did a barn wood frame spelling HOME. Brooklyn painted a beautiful painting of Belle and Ariel. Kari talked about the responsibilities and problems of getting a dog. Zack brought in a slingshot he made from old things he found. Rebecca made a poster all about cats and what you need to care for them. Katilyn showed us her drawstring backpack. Madi taught us all about how she made her purse. Abby was working hard to make her red birdhouse to show us. Our next meeting is Feb. 12, we are planning to go ice fishing.

Bailee Schiefelbein, Reporter