Tricounty News

2011 - Year in Review - November


The Kimball Area Historical Society began a multi-part series of columns on the Leppa family and Kingston history in the

Nov. 3 issue of the Tri-County News; the series is still going strong as we enter 2012.

A.M. Maus & Son held a fund-raiser test drive at Kimball Elementary Nov. 9; Chrysler donated $4,900 to KES as a result.

Veterans Day this year was 11-11-11. Local communities commemorated the day. The Tri-County News ran two stories about veteran Joe Krippner and soldier Jason Hilsgen in the Nov. 10 issue. The Kimball Legion Auxiliary hosted a Veterans Day program at Kimball high school Nov. 11.

Nov. 11 was Grandparents Day at Kimball Elementary School.

Nov. 13-19 was American Education Week. The Kimball Legion Auxiliary hosted an Education Tea Nov. 16.

South Haven Sports (the Tesoro station) was robbed Nov. 16; Eric Niewind and his wife Jennifer Niewind of Eden Valley were arrested Dec. 13 for the crime.

The City of Kimball installed flashing speed signs at the north and south ends of Hwy. 15 through town in mid-November.

Kimball first-graders celebrated with a Thanksgiving "feast" Nov. 23 at KES.

Kimball's D.A.R.E. graduation was held at KES Nov. 23; fifth-graders successfully completed the Drug Abuse Resistance Education.

The old bell from St. Anne's Church in Kimball was installed at the newer building Nov. 29 after spending decades in storage.

Powder Ridge opened at the end of November. Despite sporadic snows, the hills have had plenty of the man-made stuff to make it a great season so far.


Allison Eaton was born in November to Donald and Crystal (Dorman) Eaton.


Doris Weber, 87, Nov. 10, 2011

Donald Stein, 83, Nov. 17, 2011

Margaret "Marge" Gothier, 79, Nov. 18, 2011

Lorraine Leonard, 85, Nov. 20, 2011