Tricounty News

Kimball Early Childhood

By Maggie Lundorff

Hello from your Early Childhood Program! We are so excited to kick off the preschool classes in Kimball the week of Sept. 19. We have talked many hours about what we would like to see for children in our district, and through the past three years, we have made some changes, added some programs (like our four-year-old Enrichment Program), and generally worked on making this preschool program the best it can be.

Let me introduce you to the staff for this year. (from L to R)

Darcy Krippner will work with kids with speech support. She will be working in the classroom to facilitate speech with kids who need more practice and those that are talking a-mile-a-minute. (You know who you are!) Darcy's job is to help all staff in the setting to begin to cue kids to properly pronounce sounds, properly encourage language, and to track progress for kids who are working hard on this skill.

Hannah Wruck was our lead teacher last year, and is going to be the new Early Childhood Special Education teacher this year. Her kids will be in Cortney's class some days, and Hannah will be there to facilitate each child's success in school. This is an integrated model of teaching that helps kids learn and grow. We are glad that Hannah can join the Play and Learn team.

Cortney Voigt-Eli is our new preschool teacher. She is replacing Hannah as classroom lead instructor. Cortney is going to prepare fun and challenging classroom experiences for kids, track their skills as the year goes, meet with parents a couple of times a year for conferences, and generally keep this boat going forward! Cortney comes with two years of experience teaching preschool in the St. Cloud district. We are excited to have her here. Say Hi if you see her!

Maggie Lundorff will be providing parent support for this program. We try to get together a few times a year and discuss kid's learning as it pertains to literacy. We plan for a fun time for kids to have parents come to school, and also give parents some easy to use tools to help kids be ready for K next year! Watch for the parent component calendar this fall!