Tricounty News

Come, join me at the State Fair

I have been invited to be "Editor for the Day" at the Minnesota State Fair this year. (It's more like half a day, really.)

From 2:30-8 p.m., I will be in the Editors' Corner of the Newspaper Museum at the Fair. I'm not quite sure all it will entail, but they tell me I'll be answering lots of questions.

After 12 years at this, I feel I can easily answer lots of questions, like how a newspaper is put together, who does what at a newspaper office, how does one get a job in a newspaper.

But I don't expect many people to ask these questions.

What I expect are questions about the future of newspapers. Do we need newspapers now that everything is so available on the Internet? Will there be printed newspapers in the near and distant future?

My answer will be a resounding YES. While there is an overabundance of news available online, my question would be: Who's creating that news? How reliable is it? Do you know who's creating it (and why they're doing it)?

Newspapers are, in short, the news professionals. Facebook is not news.. Comment pages and blogs are not news Newspapers gather news and information, and present what is relevant to our readers in a way they can use and understand it.

That is the short answer to the future of newspapers. People need news. More importantly, people need trustworthy, reliable providers of that news.

Hope to see YOU in the News Museum, in Heritage Square, at the State Fair next Thursday afternoon, Aug. 25.