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Kimball Cubs Spirit Gear now available

Athletic Kimball Cubs Spirit Gear is now available for order by means of picking up an order form in the Kimball Area High School office, or obtaining an information packet on the school website at, (go to "activities").

Fill out the packets, include checks for purchase, and return in envelope during the purchasing dates. Items will be made up and delivered to school on delivery dates.

For the fall season, first order purchasing dates are Aug. 15-

Aug. 25, merchandise made up by Gusto Graphics of South Haven. Delivery date is Sept. 9. Pick up order forms at high school or elementary office.

Second order purchasing dates are Aug. 26-Sept. 9 with delivery date of Sept. 23.

Another way to order is to make on-line orders to Rambow, New London, Minn. by following these steps:

* Go to

* Type in under search: kimballcubs

* Order on-line

* Purchasing dates: Aug. 15-

Sept. 9, with delivery date Sept. 29.