1928: Silver fox farm is located at Kimball, has fifty animals

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From The Daily Journal-Press,

St. Cloud, Tuesday,

March 20, 1928

Frank Van Eekhout wins first prize at national show;

Has good stock

It is not generally known, but it is nevertheless true that one of the best-equipped silver fox ranches is located within a half-mile of Kimball where visitors are welcome except during the closed breeding season. This fox ranch is under the direct management and ownership of Frank Van Eeckhout and so thorough has he been in standardizing his breeding animals that he was honored with first prize at the national fox show this year.

This ranch now has something like 55 breeding animals with an expectancy during the season of 1928 of 80.

This fox farm consists of 20 acres just outside the village of Kimball on Trunk Highway No. 24 and is easily reached. After the first of June, persons interested in a modern fox farm will be privileged to visit the Elm Grove Ranch at any time. It is just a nice drive from St. Cloud over a perfect highway.

In addition to the first prize awarded him at the national show at Milwaukee last November, he also carried away the fourth and fifth prizes.

Mr. Van Eeckhout's stock is the very best obtainable as is proven by his prize winners and he is offering a limited number for sale, many already having been placed throughout the northwest.

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