Tricounty News

We value high quality education

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the people of Eden Valley and Watkins for their unwavering commitment to education. I am a proud graduate of EV-W from the Class of 1985. The solid education I received from Eden Valley-Watkins schools was the foundation on which I built further studies and which allowed me to create life goals.

This "Thank You" comes at a time when the residents of these two communities are asked to join together in supporting a commitment to education with a referendum vote. This referendum will have an impact on the educational opportunities of this community's children for years to come. Your decision to vote "yes" will have a far-reaching outcome. Older voters should know their vote to support our schools will make a difference to younger generations. I frame the discussion about this referendum in terms of an investment in the people (both children and adults) of Eden Valley and Watkins.

Like those people who plant trees, under whose shade they do not expect to sit, so too is our investment in education today. Most people of voting age will not benefit personally from new buildings, low class sizes and improved educational opportunities. However, most people in Eden Valley and Watkins know that an educated community creates hardworking, quality individuals who share a commitment to their neighbor.

For over two decades, I have been an educator, and I am currently the Big Lake High School principal. I have been involved in a variety of referendum discussions, meetings, and presentations over the years. Regardless of the timing of a referendum discussion, they can become emotional and passionate. It should be remembered that when our community expresses its opinions on this matter, all voices need to be heard in order to maintain a quality discussion which is truly representative of our communities. The people I speak with in the EV-W communities have always helped me gauge and measure the educational decisions I make. The Eden Valley and Watkins communities have never walked unsteady. These communities don't hesitate in calls to action. Nor have they ever lost their faith in the value of providing a high quality education to their children.

Bob Dockendorf

EV-W Class of 1985