Worth it

Published on Wednesday, 30 November -0001 00:00
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As we finish our efforts for improvement of our facilities and the May 24th referendum, I wonder how many times generations before us were at the same crossroads.

We have been very lucky that our forbears believed in us and invested in our future as we were moving through school. Most of the times when they invested in the future in their communities or schools, they had much more to lose than we have. It is now our turn to invest in the future of the next generation of students. We must not pass up this opportunity to improve our schools. We are not asking for a Cadillac or a Taj Mahal. We are asking to renovate the present facilities that we have to provide more space, and to make our physical environment more safe and secure for students. This is an opportunity to etch forever a belief and hope that our children's children for generations can have a quality education like others have had in the Eden Valley-Watkins school district.

Our system has enjoyed much success in the past years academically, as well as in extra-curricular activities. That success has occurred because of a fine staff, good students, supportive parents and communities who backed education. We want to continue those efforts for the future. We are one of the few rural school districts in the state of Minnesota that is growing at the present time. We risk losing that growth and going the other way if our facilities are not brought up to par with our neighbors. The best bang for the buck for this project is now. We can get our best bids for the bonds and construction costs in this environment. We can't teach our kids to be "all they can be" and strive for excellence if we live out a cut-rate example in front of them. Our facilities are not meeting our needs and are not up to the standards we ask of our students in other areas. We need to seize the moment here and invest in the future of education in the district.

I have been proud to be in this school district the last twenty years as a high school principal and superintendent. I have been very lucky to have known some great students with great supportive parents. Our present kids need to know that we believe in their future. I encourage a yes vote on May 24 for the future of the district. It is worth it.

Larry Peterson

Richmond, Minn.