Roadside work to begin in May

Published on Wednesday, 30 November -0001 00:00
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Beginning in May, Stearns County Highway Department, as part of its vegetation management program, will be scheduling some roadside vegetation work along all Stearns County highways. The unwanted brush and noxious weeds will be cut and/or treated with herbicide. This notice is to inform all property owners which have property abutting county roads of the work we have scheduled and their right to use alternative methods.

Our goals are to eliminate the brush and noxious weeds and to promote grass cover along the roadside. Brush along the road reduces driving visibility, obstructs road signs, and reduces driver reaction time to crossing wildlife. Brush presents maintenance problems by retaining water along the roadbed, obstructing ditches, and damaging equipment.

To meet these goals, we use selective herbicides that control the brush and noxious weeds but allow the grasses to grow unharmed. All herbicides we use have been fully tested and are approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

During spray operation, we will take care to avoid sensitive areas adjacent to the right-of-way such as tree plantations, ornamental plantings, crops, gardens, front yards, lakes, and streams.

If you would like to maintain the right-of-way adjacent to your land in some other fashion, such as mowing, please follow these instructions:

Please call prior to May 24, to the Stearns County Public Works Dept. at (320) 255-6180.

Post "DO NOT SPRAY" signs in areas you do not want treated.

Remove brush and/or noxious weeds within that site by June 15, and continue to maintain it. If the brush and/or noxious weeds are not removed, we will treat the area as part of our vegetation management program.

If you have any questions, please contact the Stearns County Highway Department at (320) 255-6180 or the Stearns County Agricultural Inspector, John Waldorf at (320) 256-3308.

Mitchell A. Anderson, P.E.

Stearns County Engineer