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Published on Wednesday, 30 November -0001 00:00
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Contest celebrates both family and food announced April 29 the opening of its 2011 Family Recipe Contest. Contestants are asked to submit one recipe along with a short explanation of why it is of special importance to their family. Winning entries will be published at, and the top three placed entries will receive prizes. Details on entering may be found online at contest provider's website

According to the spokesman Jim Wolner, the contest is as much a celebration of the important role food plays in our family get-togethers as it is a search for great recipes.

"We are not necessarily looking for the best-tasting recipe, but we are looking for those dishes that people hold close to their hearts, for whatever reason" said Wolner. "Every year, thousands of people eat Lutefisk despite the old joke that it perhaps does not always taste that lovely. And yet we do it, because it is of importance to us and our heritage. We believe that there are hundreds of other dishes out there of special importance to individual families or perhaps individual communities, and we wish to showcase them on is run by Everythingmidwestern LLC, founded in 2007 in Turton, S. D. to provide online information about the history, the present-day and the tourism of a subsection of the Midwestern USA.