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KAHS art students receive high ratings at State

Kimball Area Visual Arts students participated in the 2010-2011 Region 5A Visual Arts Festival on Wednesday, May 4, at New London-Spicer High School. Ten schools participated in the event. Students could submit artwork to one or more categories.

Twelve students from Kimball entered work into the festival, but only seven students were actually able to attend. Seniors Sydney Ashbrook, Ryan Dammann, Dan Fruth, Chris Gibson, Larissa Gohmann, Mike Horton, Junior Nampim, and Nate VanVleet participated. Juniors Liz Kastanek, Austin Ruehle, and Kelsey Theisen also participated along with sopho

more Lane Blanchard. To receive a State Superior rating, students had to score a 18 to 22, and for a State Excellent rating, students had to score a 12 to 17.

At 7 in the morning on Wednesday, students loaded the bus along with art instructor Mike Linn and headed to New London. Along the way, some of the clay artwork suffered from the bumpy bus ride and chipped. Kimball arrived at New London's school at 8 a.m. and began to set up their artwork. Judging began around 9:30 and went until noon. During this time, Kimball visited local pottery and art shops and then broke for lunch in Spicer.

At 12:30 p.m., the students returned to the high school to see their results and get their personally written critiques from the judges. In the category of painting, foreign exchange student Junior Nampim submitted two paintings, "Self Portrait" and the other entitled "Pink Rocker." She received a State Superior for her Pink Rocker. Nate VanVleet also submitted a painting entitled "Autumn To Ashes" and received a State Excellent.

In the category of sculptures, Ryan Dammann submitted a piece called "Stryo-Structure" and received a State Excellent. Dan Fruth entered two pieces, "ET" and "Up." He received a State Superior on "ET" and a State Excellent for "Up." Chris Gibson submitted a sculpture entitled "Hats Off" and achieved a State Superior. Austin Ruehle entered a piece entitled "Looking Up" and received a State Excellent.

In the category Media Arts, Sydney Ashbrook achieved a State Superior rating for her piece entitled "Stars and Stripes." Kelsey Theisen entered a piece called "Memories of Spring" and received a State Superior.

In the category of crafts, Larissa Gohmann submitted a piece entitled "This Close Larissa," and received a State Superior rating. Liz Kastanek entered a mask entitled "Shaman" and received a State Excellent. Junior Nampim entered two more pieces, "Owl" and "Pionie Bowl" and achieved State Excellent ratings for both of them.

In the category Drawing, Lane Blanchard submitted a piece entitled "Azo No Shojo" and received a State Superior. Larissa Gohmann entered two drawings, "Le Violoniste" and "Eyes On Fire," and achieved State Superiors for both.

Mike Horton submitted a piece entitled "Pity the Foo" and received a State Superior rating.

As a reward for their amazing scores, Kimball students persuaded Mr. Linn to let them stop at Dairy Queen on the way back to Kimball for treats.

They returned to Kimball Area High School around 2:45 with medals, great scores, and a sense of accomplishment. Congratulations to all students who participated!

Submitted by Larissa Gohmann

for Michael Linn

KAHS Art Instructor