EV-W Schools on lock-down Wednesday after Facebook 'threat'

Published on Wednesday, 30 November -0001 00:00
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All three Eden Valley-Watkins Schools were placed on lock-down Wednesday after a message was posted on Facebook that was considered potentially threatening. The Facebook page was an individual, but the name was "Eden Valley Watkins". (The EV-W schools have never had a Facebook page, says superintendent Larry Peterson.)

The message posted was "I see dead people," a quote from the movie "The Sixth Sense." The profile picture on this Facebook account is a photo of the EV-W high school. The message date, April 20, also coincides with the 12th anniversary of the Columbine shooting. And Eden Valley is a neighboring district to ROCORI (Cold Spring) where there was a deadly shooting in 2003. So it was decided to take this potentially threatening message seriously and take necessary precautions. The schools-Eden Valley Elementary and High School, and Watkins Elementary-were on lock-down, with no one allowed out of the building, and police supervision as students passed between classes and as they boarded buses to go home at the end of the day.

We received an update Wednesday night from the Meeker County Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office and the Eden Valley Police located, identified and interviewed the author of the posting. They identified the IP address of the posting to be in Minneapolis. With the assistance of the Minneapolis Police Department, Meeker County investigators interviewed the woman responsible for the posting.

The woman, who has children at the school, told investigators that she had watched the movie "The Sixth Sense" the night before and posted the comment "I see dead people" on her Facebook page.

Authorities are not releasing the woman's name at this time, pending a formal review of possible charges by the Meeker County Attorney's Office. This information is not available on her Facebook page either. It should be noted that having such a page, and using a fictional name as a personal name, also is in violation of Facebook rules.

As of early Thursday morning, the "wall posts" on this Facebook page were no longer visible to non-friends.

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