2011 4-H Food Review and Demonstration Day

Published on Wednesday, 30 November -0001 00:00
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Competition was fierce, as Meeker County 4-H'ers gathered to participate in the annual 4-H Food Review and Demonstration Day. The event was held Saturday morning, April 9, at the Family Services Center in Litchfield. In all, we had 14 food review exhibits and 15 demonstrators. Everyone did an amazing job. Congratulations on your achievements.

The purpose of Food Review is to give members a chance to explore the Foods project. 4-H'ers set up a display showing a favorite food and questions are asked about food preparation and nutrition in an interview setting. Local winners of the competition include:

Food Review Beginner Champion: Abbey SchiefelbeinÐCharlotte Rousse, Kimball Kruisers

Food Review Beginner Reserve Champion: Trinity EricksonÐFruity French Toast, Kimball Kruisers

Food Review Intermediate Food Review Reserve Champion: Maicy VossenÐShrimp Fried Rice, Kimball Kruisers

Food Review Cloverbuds: Emma DonnayÐGinger Cookies, Kimball Kruisers; Gretta LemkeÐAnts on a Log, Valley Victors

Food Review State Fair Line Up (6th grade and older)Ðgenerally at least two trips awarded:

Maicy VossenÐShrimp Fried Rice, Kimball Kruisers

Alexa RuehleÐFruit Salsa, Kimball Kruisers

Andrew MassmannÐFrench Toast Stix and Orange Banana Smoothie, Kimball Kruisers

Additional Food Review Participants: Adrienne LipinskiÐFruit Pizza Supreme, Valley Victors; Bailee SchiefelbeinÐBunny Braids, Kimball Kruisers; Kaitlyn DecknatelÐFun Fruit Kabobs, Kimball Kruisers

Demonstrations provide members with the chance to get in front of a group and give a talk about a subject of interest. Members may give individual or team presentations. This year, we're excited to have many more demonstration participants than in the past few years. Winners of the competition include:

Beginner Demonstration Champion: Bailee SchiefelbeinÐHow to be a Flower Girl, Kimball Kruisers

Beginner Demonstration Reserve Champion: Abbey SchiefelbeinÐMy Desk, Kimball Kruisers

Demonstration Cloverbuds: Jacqueline MassmannÐLight up the Night, Kimball Kruisers

Demonstration State Fair Line Up (6th grade and older) generally at least two trips awarded:

Andrew MassmannÐHow to Compost, Kimball Kruisers

Additional Demonstration Participants: Anna BrockÐIt's all in the Wrist, Litchfield Satellites; Adrienne LipinskiÐBottle Babies, Valley Victors; Daniel WilliamsonÐK'Nex Konnection, Danielson Hustlers; Ruby RadunzÐSpring Time Helpers, Litchfield Satellites; George LemkeÐMaking an Arrow, Valley Victors

Congratulations to all who participated in the event. Some of the winners will have the opportunity to represent Meeker County at the 2011 Minnesota State Fair.