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Kimball is prosperous village in southern Stearns County

Progressive officers of progressive banking house

The State Bank of Kimball was organized July 15, 1901, by Geo. E. Sherwood, Eliel Peck, Walter Dixon, H.C. Bull, Claude D. Brower, Franklin Lloyd, Simon Johnson, Chris Block, Henry Steichen, Joseph Scheeler, Ole L. Berg, W.D. McDonald, L. Cofield, Aug. A. Zech, and L.R. Williams. In February 1906, G.G. Sawyer and G.W. Curtis purchased a controlling interest from Walter and C.W. Dixon and George G. Sawyer was elected cashier. In 1908, C.M. Buck, E.E. McGrew, S.D. Brower, L.E. Larson, and Olaf L. Olson purchased the Sawyer and Curtis stock and Mr. Brower was chosen cashier, a position to which he has been annually re-elected since that time. Geo. E. Sherwood, the well known physician, has held the office of president continuously for many years. The present officers are George E. Sherwood, president; L.E. Engel, vice president; C.D. Brower, cashier; E.A. Erickson, M.L. Adkins and D.D. Brower, assistant cashiers. The directors are as follows: George E. Sherwood, L. Engel, A.C. Douglas, C.D. Brower, George W. Liunn, M.C. Loesch and Henry Steichen. The bank had deposits of some 70,000 when taken over by Brower-Sherwood interest and has continued to grow ever since. The deposits today being very close to 400,000 dollars, which is a most excellent showing.

Before coming to Kimball, Claude Brower was postmaster of Kingston for eight years, and treasurer of Meeker County for five and one-half years. He is regarded as a competent and most efficient banker and his personality and popularity have materially aided in the growth and high regard of this bank. This banking institution is especially fortunate in having as president Dr. Geo. E. Sherwood, one of the best known physicians in the county, and his wise counsel coupled with that of Mr. Brower has had much to do regarding the destinies of this banking house.

This financial institution occupies its own handsome building arranged and equipped for efficiently handling the affairs of the bank.

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Another winter is history and spring is just around the corner. Melting snow, higher temperatures, and budding trees are all encouraging to us. Mark your calendars: Tuesday, April 26, the place to be is City Hall at 7 p.m. for another event called "Carrying on a Sweet Tradition." Richard Eckman will partner with Duane Stanley for a unique feature and first time in Kimball. Did you know sweet sorghum is an "old world" grass that was first introduced to the United States in the 1850s? It is used to produce a substance called sweet sorghum. Duane Stanley will bring a unique and striking difference between maple syrup's 1857 debut and the fascinating sorghum through pioneer Julia Frost's account.

But this is just a tiny 'taste' of the rest of their story and both speakers' ancestors were some of those pioneers we keep talking about. Especially this one-and-only-year we celebrate Kimball's 125th anniversary and honor all the brave founders. So plan to join us for an evening to remember, complete with rare refreshments that you won't want to miss. See you there. Admission is free.

And the 2011 Expo door prize winners are: Mabel Linn-Maine Prairie booklet; Mary Jonas-Centennial Map; Dawn Lueders-keepsake cups; Terre Harff-keepsake trivet; Penny Blanchard and Joanne Strand-keepsake note cards; Alice Scheeler-membership. Congratulations to you all.

Ongoing dedication and hard work needed to preserve the historic Kimball City Hall is moving right along as you'll notice the moment that you step in the front door. To donate, to renew or join our membership (the price has never increased) and for information in general, contact the Kimball Area Historical Society at Box 100, Kimball MN 55353, or call (320) 398-5250, or 5743, or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .