Input needed for 50-year transportation plans

Published on Wednesday, 30 November -0001 00:00
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Minnesotans will help determine the state's transportation system vision for the next 50 years when the Minnesota Department of Transportation today rolls out a process for the public to provide input to that vision.

"Minnesota GO is our opportunity to hear from Minnesotans about their expectations for transportation today and for the next generation of Minnesotans," said Tom Sorel, Mn/DOT commissioner. "We are committed to creating a transportation system that will sustain and connect a vital economy, healthy environment and strong communities."

The process will help the agency prioritize many goals, limited financial resources and an aging infrastructure.

Mn/DOT's transportation system responsibilities include:

¥ Planning, building and maintaining state roads, bridges, and trails for vehicle operators, bicyclists and pedestrians.

¥ Planning and funding regional airports, railroads, public transit and ports owned and operated by local governments and private companies.

¥ Providing technical and financial assistance for local roads.

Minnesota GO will take place through August 2011 and provide Minnesotans with opportunities to get involved through online activities, advisory groups, public workshops and hearings. Mn/DOT also will reach individuals through targeted outreach. A 29-member steering committee representing other public agencies and community organizations will review public comments, advisory group discussions, and quality of life research. The group will then draft and recommend a vision statement and set of objectives for the Mn/DOT commissioner and senior leadership to adopt.

At the end of the process, Mn/DOT will begin updating the statewide multimodal transportation plan and other investments and plans for roads, rails, transit, airports, ports and trails.

Minnesotans interested in becoming involved can check out The website is hosted by the Citizen's League and will be updated regularly with new content, discussion questions, surveys and videotaped interviews on a range of topics. Eight public workshops will take place in May.