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REGULAR MEETING Unofficial Minutes Board of Education March 16, 2011 Ind. School District 739 Kimball, MN

The meeting was called to order by Helgeson at 6:01 pm; all members present. The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all in attendance.
Zipoy/Dockery approved the agenda as amended. MC
Carol Newman and Mary Johnson, representing the local Historical Society were present to share with the board their plans for an All-School Reunion to coincide with Kimball Days activities on August 11, 2012. Senior Class President Abigail Konz and Secretary Kayla Myers presented to the board a letter requesting that the senior class be excused from attending classes on the final three days before graduation on June 2nd. Dode Klein was present to express her sincere thank you and gratitude to the school board and the administrators on the great job that they are doing for the Kimball District. A number of parents were present to express their concern for the future of the football program at Kimball High School.
Celebrations and Successes included the careers of both Dode Klein and Paulette Hauge. March has been an extremely busy month with Band receiving a State Superior and Choir receiving State Excellent at contest, the wrestling team taking consolation at the state tournament with an additional eight individual entrants and several of them placing. Both boys' and girls' basketball teams moved into playoffs this year, the speech team took conference champion at their meet on Monday the 14th for the first time since 1997, with five individual conference champs as well. Knowledge Bowl participated in the Regional competition today and FFA was very successful at the state proficiency review last Friday.
Mr. Houseman reported on the bullying presentation that by the CLIMB Theatre. A thank-you to Marsha Muhlum for painting the mural in the entry at the elementary school. Kindergarten Round-Up was held on March 10th with 41 potential Kindergarten students in attendance. The FFA members will travel to the elementary tomorrow (the 17th) and speak about tractor safety.
Mr. Widvey reported on the senior class grounds clean-up day scheduled for April 12th. NWEA testing is finishing up. The month of March, as well as the entire year has been very busy with a lot going on. As always, should anyone be interested in what is happening at the high school on a day-to-day basis Ð stop by, and we'll give you a tour and show you what's happening.
Mr. Tritabaugh reviewed upcoming meetings: March 28th Ð Regional SEE, April 15th Ð a General SEE meeting, April 20th Ð Benton-Stearns Education District and the next regular board meeting at 6:30 in the evening. We move back to 6:30 meetings in April.
The Superintendent has received a letter from Education Minnesota Ð Kimball providing their official Notice of Desire to negotiate the next teacher contract. Also received from EM-K was proposed language for a Memorandum of Understanding for Retirement Incentive.
Gagnon/Schreiner authorized Mr. Holmseth to submit the Integration document to MDE for approval for 2011-2012. MC
Committee reports included See Ð Mr. Tritabaugh, Health & Safety Ð Stenger, Stearns County Family Services Collaborative Ð Helgeson, Meet & Confer Ð Gagnon, Board Training Ð Helgeson. Helgeson also commented on the Activities Committee meeting.
Zipoy/Dockery approved the listed bills in the amount of $817,548.55, of which $652,526.25 is a bond payment. MC
Gagnon/Schreiner approved the consent agenda. MC The consent agenda included:
Approve minutes of February 16, 2011 Board Meeting
Accept donation of $2500 from Kimball Sports Booster ClubÐ$1500 toward track equipment, $1000 toward strengthening equipment
Accept donation of $739 from PIE toward the Climb Theatre Bullying presentation
Accept donation of $500 from Wrestling Boosters toward the football program
The treasurer's report was reviewed and discussed.
Stenger/Gagnon approved reinvestment of a CD for $150,000 at Orrstown Bank, Shippensburg, PA, at.6 percent for one year, maturing 3/13/12. MC
Zipoy/Schreiner with much appreciation and gratitude for her service, accepted resignation for the purpose of retirement received from Dorothy (Dode) Klein, effective May 31, 2011. MC
Dockery/Gagnon accepted resignation for the purpose of retirement received from Paulette Hauge, effective May 31, 2011, with thanks and appreciation for her many years of service. MC
Zipoy/Schreiner approved termination of Jolene Stang, elementary paraprofessional, effective February 24, 2011. MC
Dockery/Schreiner approved the hiring of Penny Blanchard at Category II, Step 5 of the non-licensed agreement as elementary paraprofessional, effective March 16, 2011. MC
Schreiner/Dockery approved District Calendar for 2011-2012 as presented. MC
Schreiner brought up several concerns by parents in regards to the band trip that is scheduled for March 23 Ð 27. Zipoy/Schreiner approved the band trip for March 23 Ð 27th. MC
Stenger commented that he had been contacted by a local vendor regarding T-shirts being purchased through vendors from outside the district without the ability for local vendors to bid or provide a price. It was suggested that perhaps the local vendors should put together a flier indicating their contact information and interest in being contacted so that all coaches could be provided with this information prior to their activities starting. It was also suggested that the district move toward the same idea in using local businesses for the concession stands.
A question was asked where the town marquee item is at. There is another Kimball Cares meeting coming up. The cost is estimated at about $40,000. It is still in process
Gagnon/Stenger adjourned at 7:50 p.m.
Jody Gagnon, Clerk
(This is a summary of the minutes of the School Board. To obtain a full copy of the official minutes, contact the District Office at 398-5585, or check the District website at
Published in the Tri-County News Thursday, March 24, 2011.