Watkins thanks Dean Urdahl

Published on Wednesday, 30 November -0001 00:00
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We the citizens of Watkins and the Watkins city council would like to thank Representative Dean Urdahl for all his help in setting up and sponsoring house Bill HF19. He was instrumental in getting our contingent of citizens into the hearing and letting us know the procedures for us to testify to the House and Human Services Committee. The Bill did pass through the committee and now goes on to the Senate. This Bill involves the equalization in reimbursement by the State of Minnesota for the Hilltop Nursing Home. State Senator Scott Neuman has authored Senate Bill #87 to the Health and Human Services Committee to deal with this issue in the Senate. It has now been coauthored by State Senator Michelle Fischbach. This Bill deals with this same issue in the Senate. The chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee is Senator David Hahn. Please contact these people and tell them that you would appreciate their support on this issue.

Dennis Loch

Watkins city councilman