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KAHS Speech takes Conference Championship

Camen Miles, Logan Bartholomew, Jonathan Bisila, and Tyler Dockery were just 3 years old. Megan Bisila and Regan Dockery were in the throes of their terrible twos. With their bottles and fruit snacks and strides toward independence, these future speech champions were just learning how to use their voices. Last Monday night, March 14, at Kimball Area High School, they would use their voices to lead their team to their first team championship in 14 years.

In 1997, Coach Angela Provost Sandal claimed the last team conference trophy for Kimball, ending a 15-year run as Central Minnesota Conference Champs. With Coach Sandal's retirement, subsequent coaching turnover, and the discontinuation of a seperate speech class as part of curriculum, the speech team numbers dwindled from a steady 35-40 members to an all-time low of 11 members in 2003. Over the last several years, the team has been steadily growing in both numbers and talent. The speech legacy that began with Kimball Hall of Famer Angela Provost, continued by Coach Molly Olson, and currently under the leadership of Coach Jody Markgraf has finally brought the title back to Kimball.

Leading the way were Champions in their categories: Tyler Dockery in Creative Expression, Camen Miles and Logan Bartholomew in Duo Interpretation, Jonathan Bisila in Great Speeches, Megan Bisila in Informative Speaking, and Regan Dockery in Original Oratory. Also placing for Kimball were second place: Shelby Schiefelbein in Original Oratory; third place: Mitch Hurrle and Caleb Anderson in Duo, Kenzie Traurig in Serious Drama, Alissa Jones in Extemporaneous Reading, Katelyn Lichte in Extemporaneous Speaking, Olivia Straley in Storytelling; fourth place: Holly Dahlinger in Drama and Dustin Opatz in Extemporaneous Speaking; fifth place: Chelsey Maus in Humorous and Kimberly Fennema in Storytelling.

Congratulations to all the Kimball Speechers on their Championship win!