Tricounty News

Kimball BLT Leo Club

Most schools in Africa lack clean water, sanitation facilities, and hygiene education in the schools. The organization, H2O for Life, however, provides a solution to the solvable issues in the countries. H2O for Life provides the developing countries with improved drinking water, sanitation facilities, and hygiene education in schools. But in order to help the school children learn and have the necessities of life, H2O for Life relies on the money donated/fundraised for them by other organizations. They also partner with schools in the United States, the schools fundraise and donate the money to the cause, and in return the students learn about the developing countries from Africa through service learning. 100 percent of the money that is given to H2O for Life goes straight to the projects in Africa.

Kimball area schools are hoping, with the help of B.L.T. (Building Leadership Together) to raise and donate $1,500 for the Rwamanyoni school, located in Uganda, Africa. As a group, we decided that we wanted to raise money for this organization because we think it is a good cause and we want to help the kids in Africa get a better education and to be able to live a healthy life. Without clean water, every 15 seconds a child dies, we want to be able to provide a hope for these children.

So far, BLT Leo Club has sold Valentine's Day flowers, and partnered with the high school student government program to host the Snow Daze Dance at the high school. All the money that was raised by these events, has been set aside to be donated to H2O for Life. BLT is also selling beaded jewelry made by Ugandan Women. They will be on sale at the Kimball Business Expo at the high school March 26.

On April 21, BLT will sponsor a Bucket Walk Event, students who participate will need to raise at least $10 to walk. In the Bucket Walk, students will have to carry water a distance to signify just a portion of how far people in Africa have to walk to get a bucket of clean water. There will also be a Pie in the Eye contest held at the Bucket Walk. Students, teachers and community members can put money in a bucket for the person that they want to get pied. Stay tuned for who the candidate will be. A Spring Fling Dance for students in grades 7-9 will also be held in April.

In May, we will be selling May Day Baskets and holding a Community Car Wash, with all proceeds to be donated for H2O for Life. If you'd like to help us out with or make a donation, please contact Kris O'brien, Community Education Director.