Tricounty News

Township Day in Maine Prairie

Township Day is also known as "Grassroots Government Day." If you live in a township and did not come in to vote or attend the annual meeting Tuesday, March 8,

you missed an important part of your right and privilege as a township resident.

First was the election with John Wicker the winner with 99 votes, Jim Unterberger ran a write in campaign with a very close second of votes.

Once the votes were cast and counted the residents had an opportunity to elect a moderator to run the meeting. Some items discussed were roads, which ones were done last year and what the board is looking to do this year. Building a Town Hall stimulated a good discussion. With the land already donated, the board needed to see how the residents felt. A vote was taken to see if the board should proceed. It became apparent at a vote of 24 in favor and 4 against that there is a definite need, but to find something that will fit the township budget. It will be referred to a committee and reports made throughout the year. Fire districting information was a request from a resident at last year's annual meeting. The board came up with figures to see what the cost would be to create fire districts and tax residents for the cost of their fire district. After the cost figures were reviewed, the residents felt the margin of difference was not that great, and they voted to keep everything the same with the township paying for all fire contracts. Donations are always a topic that generate good discussion regarding what the state allows, what residents want to give and to whom. This year's donations will be given to the Watkins Ambulance who service our township, Community Education of which our youth participate, and the National Turkey Federation who help our young people learn the proper ways of hunting and respecting nature. The most important part of the meeting is to set the levy. This year the residents chose not to increase the levy, leaving it the same at $627,300.