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Rural Stearns Faith in Action

Rural Stearns Faith in Action (RSFIA) is a non-profit organization working towards meeting the needs of seniors and people facing difficult life situations throughout rural Stearns County. With the help of volunteers, RSFIA provides services such as friendly visiting, transportation, caregiver coaching and much more. Providing such services enable us to fulfill our mission of helping people stay in their homes and communities for as long as possible.

Rural Stearns Faith in Action has been successfully serving communities in our county since 2003. The work of our volunteers and staff has helped more than 400 individuals and countless family members over the years. RSFIA has also welcomed Rebekah Garcia as the VISTA worker who will be focusing on expanding the program, building partnerships, and recruiting new volunteers. VISTA also known as Volunteers in Service to America is part of AmeriCorps, which is a national service program designed specifically to fight poverty. "Although my reward may not come from direct service, I am still optimistic that the work I do will have a positive impact on the life of others, especially in rural Minnesota." says Rebekah Garcia. Over the last six months, Rebekah has been searching for new ways to connect with rural towns in our county such as Belgrade, Brooten and Elrosa. We are also proud to announce that Kimball already has some amazing volunteers and support from local organizations.

As RSFIA seeks to nurture relationships within Kimball and other communities, we are searching for additional organizations that may be interested in collaborating with our program efforts. Over the last few years the program has established hub centers in Albany and Melrose in addition to Cold Spring. Hub centers are also known as our local program presence within these communities. Stearns County is a large county and in order to ensure that our mission and vision are being carried out, we have found that having a location for RSFIA within a community helps us better to connect those in need with neighbors that can assist. We are also reaching out to individuals who are passionate about helping others and asking them to be a part of our team by becoming a volunteer. There are several options for volunteering, you can help with what you might be interested in or have talent in. Times are flexible and are based on when a volunteer is available to help. Volunteering can be as often as weekly or as infrequently as every couple months, depending on your availability.

There are people in need in our community and if you're able to help, please call Rebekah Garcia at (320) 685-3693 ext. 158. Information about how you can get involved and help support your neighbors can be provided over the phone, through e-mail or in person.

For more information please visit: Under Outreach is where you will find additional information about Rural Stearns Faith in Action.