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Snowboarding stars and locals shred the hill at Powder Ridge Sunday

By Avert Guldemond,

Superpass Event Director

In this day and age, it's rare to fulfill all of your heart's desires. Be it endless fried chicken or waves in foreign lands, it seems there is always a pothole in the road. Blessed with traveling from Southern California to the East and back with Snowboarder Magazine's Superpass Series, my heart has blossomed once again with "The Love." Love of the road, experiences, friends, and breathtaking land surrounding me. This week opened a new chapter in my thoughts. The "Meadow State of Mind."

Steaming northeast from another chapter in Salt Lake City, I soon found myself in the sweeping meadowlands of Minnesota. Largely unpopulated, the surrounding settlements of Powder Ridge are home to a massive snowboard community. A few quick laps in the park and I'm snaked and out-jibbed by multiple hungry youth; now that's what we're looking for!

Despite heavy wind and snowfall during the event, the contest carried on with strong riding and a cheerful crowd.

Coming out of the woodwork for the Superpass Event, local termite Mitchell Kirby arrived shredding for the win. How ironic. Last stop in Moonlight Basin, Mont., Mitchell's elder brother Todd took top prize, and two weeks later Mitchell defends the family name. Ruthless riding from Andrew Glader and Matt Hiemstra proved worthy of judges' note and stacked the remainder of the podium with delighted dudes.

Thank you to Powder Ridge's Mike Weiner, Tanner Bakke, and the park staff for hosting such a great event. Snowboarder's Superpass Series would also like to thank Volcom, Electric, High Cascade Snowboard Camp and Capita for providing prizes and support. See you all in Waterville Valley, N.H., for the next stop Sunday, Feb. 29.

1st - Mitchell Kirby

2nd - Andrew Glader

3rd - Matt Hiemstra

Best Trick - Jesse Flies