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Cubs Club Before and After School-Age Program

By Megan Kuechle

It's hard to believe that almost a month ago we were celebrating the New Year. Now with winter in full swing, we have been enjoying indoor winter activities.

For those of you that were able to join us, you know that our Holiday Party was a great success. The children got to enjoy a smorgasbord of yummy cupcakes and cookies for a holiday snack. Then they got to make their own frosty treat to bring home by decorating their graham cracker with frosting. The children got to enjoy playing Holiday Jeopardy and Holiday Bingo. A new game that the children got to learn was the candy cane pass. You had to hold three candy canes on your fingers and pass them to your team members without them falling off. The best part of the Holiday Party was the children got to make their own present, decorated homemade coaster, to give to their parents.

With the holidays behind us, we've been enjoying the winter season. We've been staying busy inside by doing various art projects and games. Some art projects that the children have gotten to enjoy were making their very own snowman out of paper plates, a snowy tree out of their handprint, and (their favorite) a mosaic penguin. The children got to learn that mosaic means a surface decorated with various colored bits of paper or material to form a picture or design. Besides doing art, we have been keeping occupied by doing activities. One of the children's favorite activities was doing a snowball throw. We got to make our own snowballs out of tissue paper, then we got onto teams and the children had two minutes to try and throw as many snowballs as they could back and forth until the timer went off. The team that had the least amount of snowballs on their side won a sticker. The children also got to enjoy a snowball relay race. The children were divided into teams and the first child on each team was given a snowball (a golf ball) and a pencil. On "go", the children had to place the snowball on the floor and push it with their pencil across the room, around an obstacle, and back to the next team member. The team that won received a sticker. Some other activities we have done included winter trivia, winter Pictionary and name that holiday tune.

Cubs Club is celebrating Valentine's Day next month by having a party. The party is after school until 4:30 Friday, Feb. 11. We will be making treats along with having fun doing Valentine activities.

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