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Nyren indicted for second degree murder

July 1 update! Stearns County Grand Jury has indicted Dale Morris Nyren, DOB 7/29/38 on the single count of Second Degree Murder for the Feb. 24, 2009, shooting death of his wife, Sharon Kathleen Nyren. Nyren was arrested and charged shortly after the incident in which he admitted both that he argued with his wife and that he then shot her twice while she was seated on the couch.

A gunshot complaint Feb. 24 brought officers from Stearns County Sheriff's Office to Nyren's home at 2013 Bayberry Road in South Haven.

Detectives spoke with the defendant who admitted to being in an argument with his wife, and he stated that he shot her first in the knee and then in the head. Nyren admitted that his wife had not moved from the couch though he claimed he acted in self-defense. Officers discovered several bullet holes in the wall above the loveseat. Some appear to have been repaired.

June 16, Stearns County Attorney's Office (Janelle P. Kendall) filed notice with the court of its intent to present the case to a grand jury. The County Attorney's Office typically uses grand jury proceedings in intentional homicide cases to determine the appropriate level of charges. Minnesota law requires an indictment by a grand jury for First Degree Murder because it carries a sentence of life imprisonment. The Grand Jury chose to indict Nyren for Second Degree Murder, as originally charged in the complaint filed by the County Attorney's Office.

Nyren remains in the Stearns County Jail pending arraignment on the new indictment. Arraignment will occur Thursday, July 2 at 9 a.m.