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REGULAR MEETING Unofficial Minutes Board of Education June 17, 2009 Ind. School District 739 Kimball, MN

The meeting was called to order by Chair Helgeson at 6:30 p.m. Members Helgeson, Peglow, Zipoy and Dockery were present. Member Stenger arrived at 6:40; member Peglow left at 7:09.

The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all in attendance.

Motion by Peglow, seconded by Zipoy to approve the agenda as amended. A report on negotiations was added under committee reports. MC

Mayor Tammy Konz, along with city council member Eric Loewen and Maine Prairie Township director Dennis Loewen were present to encourage the school board and district to join both entities in collaborating to make things happen in the Kimball community and to promote the local schools and the community. The two agencies are planning a joint meeting in August and invited the school board to join this meeting. Some activities that have come about recently are the Kimball Cares group, the Farmers Market, and the reorganization of the Ministerial Committee. The board thanked Tammy, Eric, and Dennis for sharing their ideas with the board.

Celebrations and successes of students and staff included Macki Nelson competing at the state level in the Pole Vault event on June 6th. Graduation went very well.

Mr. Widvey reported on summer school currently in their second week of three. A lot of cleaning going on in the building right now. Driver's education has been completed. And the summer conditioning has been very well attended with approximately 50 to 60 students participating.

Mr. Clark reported on Targeted Services programs in session along with Community Education activities. There is also cleaning at the elementary, and the Elementary Parent/Student Handbook being approved later in the agenda has no changes other than some highlights and bolding.

Mr. Tritabaugh reported on upcoming meetings: SEE meeting on June 22, Stearns County Family Services Collaborative on June 24, Negotiations on July 6, and the next board meeting is on July 15. He also provided sample information as received from another district that included language for potential levy informational brochures and a ballot question for the November election. He also had a spreadsheet provided by the Districts financial advisors that displayed area tax rates and potential tax implications if an operating levy were to be put in place for the district.

Committee reports included: SEE - Dockery, Tritabaugh, Health & Safety - Widvey, Benton-Stearns Education District - Tritabaugh, Negotiations - Stenger

There were no communications.

Motion by Stenger, seconded by Dockery to approve payment of the listed bills in the amount of $87,046.12. MC

Motion by Dockery, seconded by Zipoy to approve the consent agenda. MC The consent agenda included:

Approve minutes of May 20, 2009 Regular Board Meeting

Approve reinvestment of four CD's. New regulations allowed for combining to two CD's; one at $245,000 at Appalachian Community Bank, Ellijay, GA for 365 days at 2.0% (gross), one at $139,000 at First Regional Bank, Los Angeles, CA for 365 days at 1.95% (gross)

The treasurer's report for May was reviewed and discussed.

Motion by Stenger, seconded by Zipoy to accept two donations received from Flavors on Friday. One for $273 for books on CD for the elementary media center, and one for $260 for the purchase of licenses for the Ed Helper program for elementary teachers. MC

After review by Mr. Tritabaugh, no action was taken on bids received for a new elementary gym floor.

Motion by Stenger, second by Zipoy to approve a fourth contract with John Tritabaugh as Interim Superintendent for 2009-2010. The members thanked Mr. Tritabaugh for the good work that he has done for the district in the years he's been here. MC

Motion by Dockery, seconded by Stenger to approve an extended contract for 12 (twelve) days for Tracy Nelson, FFA Advisor, for 2009-2010. MC

Motion by Stenger, seconded by Zipoy to approve an extended contract for 6 (six) days for Jay Klein, guidance counselor, for 2009-2010. MC

Motion by Zipoy, seconded by Dockery to approve the extended contract for the Activities Director for 2009-2010, with recognition of the great work he has done and efforts put forth in building communications with various clubs and organizations. MC

After review, motion by Stenger, seconded by Zipoy to adopt the working budget for 2009-2010 as follows: MC

Revenues : Expenditures:

General Fund (incl. Capital)

$6,143,127 $6,137,657

Food Service Fund

332,439 336,077

Community Service Fund

348,741 331,225

Debt Service

742,477 833,437

$7,566,784 $7,638,395

Motion by Dockery, seconded by Stenger to approve the Elementary Student/Parent Handbook for 2009-2010 as presented. MC

Motion by Stenger, seconded by Zipoy to adjourn at 8:53 p.m.

Robin Dockery, Clerk

Published in the Tri-County News Thursday, June 25, 2009.