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Investment in Human Capital

Human capital is probably the most important investment in your business.  Good employees can help your business become a success, which benefits both the employee and the owner.  The owner/manager sets the tone for the entire business.  The traditional statement of "Your attitude determines your altitude" holds true in the business of farming.  A positive focus from your leadership permeates throughout the family and the workforce.  What can help you achieve this? 


First, you need to design and complete set of goals that include a vision of what your business should look like in the future, along with an action plan to implement those goals.  Second, in order for your employees to help you with that vision, you must provide effective communication, standard operating procedures (SOPS), and a focus on work safety.  It is your responsibility to provide task training, an understanding of safety, and a safe work environment for you, your family, and employees.


Agriculture has become a cyclical business of peaks and valleys.  Maintaining your vision for the future can help you through times of narrow/negative margins, when conditions can take a major emotional toll.  Emotionally, we need to try to maintain a steady course that includes: enough sleep, healthy meals, some recreation, a spiritual connection and continued involvement with family and community.  When you are consistent in your communications with your employees, while maintaining safety programs on your farm, you will stay grounded in times of stress.