Tricounty News

Kimball rail crossing (Hwy. 15) to be closed two days

A crew from CP Rail arrived Wednesday to work on the rail crossing on Highway 15 in Kimball. They tore out the pavement between and around the rails. Then they tore out and replaced the ties and rails. As of Wednesday evening, when the crew left for the day, the road was still closed at the crossing.

Throughout the day and evening, dozens of cars could be seen driving around blockades in search of a shortcut. Traffic from the south and north is being detoured to the west, to the overpass between Kimball and Watkins.

The CP Rail crew said that the Kimball crossing was scheduled for this work because of a petition, signed by many area residents, complaining about the rough crossing. These were apparently different residents than those who tried to get around barricades and yelled at the work crew.

Repaving the crossing could begin at around 11 a.m. Thursday, the crew chief said. If all goes well, they could be done Thursday evening and the crossing re-opened Friday morning.

An announcement from Mn/DOT was sent after 4 p.m. Wednesday to announce the work to be done (many hours after it had started). The official Mn/DOT completion time is projected to be early afternoon Friday.

Drivers are encouraged to follow marked detours until the work is completed and the road is reopened.