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EV-W-K track gives them a run for their money

Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball track team participated in the BBE Invitational April 28. Boys' and girls' events are listed by number with times and recorded measurements of the event.

1. Girls' 4x800, third place in a time of 10:44, Kelsey Vigoren, Renee Berg, Heidi Downham, and Justine Hilsgen.

2. Boys' 4x800, fifth place in a time of 9:52, Nick Koltes, Nathan McCann, Mike Downham, and Mitchell Fischbach.

3. Girls' 100-meter hurdles, Holly Erickson - fifth place, 18:40, Maria Donnay 20:80, and Rachel Lahr 21.10.

4. Boys' 110-meter hurdles, Jared Capes 18:50, Ryan Stein 19:40, and Frankie Nistler 22:10.

5. Girls' 100-meter dash, Macki Nelson third place 13:70, Samantha Stuve seventh place 13.90 and Kayla Overland 14.60.

6. Boys' 100-meter dash Lenny Garvick 14:20, Trevor Baumann NT, and Jeramiah Kelly NT.

7. Girls' 4x200-meter first place 1:53.00 Macki Nelson, Morgan Meyer, Rachel Arnold, and Samantha Stuve.

8. Boys' 4x200-meter third place 1:43.20, Luke Schiefelbein, Jake Ruhland, Danny Lochen, and Travis Erickson.

9. Girls' 1600-meter run Heidi Lochen 6:46:00.

10. Boys' 1600-meter run Mitchell Fischbach fifth place 5:10.00, Zach Eisenschenk 6:54.00.

11. Girls' 4x100-meter relay third place in a time of 59.10, Molly Hurrle, Casandra Loch, Casey Schlangen and Fidi Gast.

12. Boys' 4x100-meter relay fourth place in a time of 48.90 Trevor Baumann, Taylor Breauchy, Jake Linn, and Travis Erickson.

13. Girls' 400-meter dash, Rachel Arnold second place in time of 1:01.80, Morgan Meyer seventh place 1:09.20, and Maranda Theisen NT.

14. Boys' 400-meter dash, Alex Mies sixth place in a time of 56.10, David Mattson 1:03.00, and Charlie Dick 1:09.50.

15. Girls' 300-meter hurdles, Holly Erickson seventh place in a time of 53.70, Rachel Lahr 58.50, and Maria Donnay 1:00.00.

16. Boys; 300-meter hurdles, Jared Capes third place in a time of 44:00, Danny Lochen eighth place 48:10, and Nathan McCann NT.

17. Girls' 800-meter run, Renee Berg fifth place in a time of 2:41.00, Kelsey Vigoren sixth place 2:45.00, and Brooke Merten 3:11.00.

18. Boys' 800-meter run, Cameron Wittenberg 2:48.00.

19. Girls' 200-meter dash, Amber Besonen 29.30, Fidi Gast 30.30, and Chelsey Orth 32.10.

20. Boys' 200-meter dash, Travis Erickson third place in a time of 24.20, Jake Ruhland 25.90, and Jake Linn 26.50.

21. Girls' 3200-meter run, Justine Hilsgen second place in a time of 12:12.00.

22. Boys' 3200-meter run, Ryan Stein 13:02, and Luke Serbus NT.

23. Girls' 4x400-meter relay, third place in a time of 4:25.00, Molly Hurrle, Kelsey Vigoren, Justine Hilsgen, and Rachel Arnold.

24. Boys' 4x400-meter relay fifth place in a time of 3:50.10, Luke Schiefelbein, Alex Meis, Jared Capes NT, and Taylor Breauchy NT.

25. Girls' high jump Justine Hilsgen with a jump of 5 feet, Molly Hurrle 4 feet 3 inches, and Maranda Theisen 4 feet.

26. Boys' high jump Jake Ruhland sixth place 5 feet 8 inches, Luke Schiefelbein 5 feet 6 inches, and David Mattson NH.

27. Girls' long jump Morgan Meyer seventh with a jump of 13 feet 6 inches, Fidi Gust ND, and Macki Nelson ND.

28. Boys' long jump Taylor Breauchy fifth place with a jump of 17 feet, Trevor Baumann ND, and Travis Erickson ND.

29. No girls' triple jump results available.

30. Boys' triple jump Jake Ruhland sixth place with a jump of 34 feet 8 inches, Danny Lochen 30 feet 3 inches, and Erik Mares 28 feet 10 inches.

31. Girls' shot put Sarah Messer first place with a throw of 31 feet 3 inches, Shawny Kramer second place 30 feet 1/4 inches, and Casey Schlangen 25 feet 9 1/2 inches.

32. Boys' shot put Brandon Anderson a throw of 29 feet 10 3/4 inches, Devin Brutger 27 feet 9 1/2 inches, and Charlie Dick 25 feet.

33. Girls' discus Shawny Kramer first place with a throw of 102 feet 9 inches, Sarah Messer fourth place 86 feet 8 inches, and Nicole Klein eighth place 81 feet.

34. Boys' discus Devin Brutger a throw of 78 feet 11 1/2 inches, Brandon Anderson 77 feet 2 inches, and Charlie Dick 64 feet 7 inches.

35. Girls' pole vault Nicole Klein fourth place with a vault of 7 feet 6 inches, Macki Nelson fifth place 7 feet 6 inches and Samantha Stuve NH.

36. Boys' pole vault Luke Schiefelbein first place with a vault of 11 feet 6 inches, Danny Lochen sixth place 8 feet 6 inches, and Eric Mares seventh place 8 feet 6 inches.