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Kimball Speech Team takes a step towards State Tournament

Subsections ... The Kimball Speech Team made their stand tonight (Sunday, March 29) at Eden Valley-Watkins in the Subsection 5A South Tournament, placing fourth out of six Subsection teams. The top six competitors in each category move on to compete at the Section 5A Tournament Saturday, April 4, at St. Cloud Cathedral High School. Tonight, the Kimball Speech Team showed their shining colors and brought home many medals, including one Champion, Kenzie Traurig in Great Speeches. In the Original Oratory category, all three Kimball Competitors are moving on to Sections. Kelsey Vigoren placed third, Abby Zoller fourth, and Shelby Scheifelbein sixth. The Extemporaneous Reader also made a triple threat, advancing Tyler Dockery in second place, Chelsey Maus in fourth place, and Hannah Zipoy as first Alternate. In the Humorous Category, we advanced two members: Jenifer Gilpatrick worked her thing and won second place, and Bethany Libbesmeier came out of nowhere to clinch fifth place. Way to go, silly ladies. Storytellers Lindsey Pramann and Spencer Capes placed sixth and seventh respectively. Spencer will be performing at Sections in Lindsey's place as she will be taking her ACTs that day. In Serious Drama, Nessa Dahle placed eighth, making her second alternate. Camen Miles took fourth place in Creative Expression, also sort of coming out of left field. And Kayla Hickman seemed shocked to find herself in the field of Poets to advance to Sections. Savanannah Tuthill won sixth place in Discussion. In Serious Prose, Kyle Messer advances to Sections in third place. Congratulations to the Kimball Speech Team on a GREAT season and good luck to all those advancing.